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on Tuesday, 06 March 2012 10:34. Posted in Phones Help

Handset Control

The AP Pos System offers the following Handset control futures on the Main Page

1.        Handset All

·          Detailed information regarding Handsets

·          You can Search a Handset in to following ways:


·          You will have information on all handsets Invoiced to you by Autopage and what happened to the handset this section will also have information on Cash Handsets Invoiced into the System

·          The information on the handsets will only be information from the date the AP Pos System was Installed

2.        Handset Stock / Waiting

·          Detailed information on Handsets in Stock that can still be given out to customers

·          Information on Handset with a 10% and 25% markup on the cost incl. vat to make it easy for consultant to sell cash

·          Can change status on the handset to Waiting if you want to Book the handset out for a customer with Notes

·          Can change status on the handset to offsite for the dealers that keep stock at their homes or offsite storage

·          If a handset gets connected to a contract / retention / cash sale the handset will be removed from Handset Stock/Waiting to Handset All and detailed information on what happened to handset will be available  

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